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Art de Fleur is a magical, friendly, and professional event planning and styling business that works closely with its clients to bring forth their vision. Our team, strongly led by Veronica Ike, appreciates the natural beauty of fresh flowers and uses this as a base for our designs. Our aim is to create a whimsical, elegant, and stylish atmosphere whilst tailoring the designs to the client’s ideas.


Our expertise ranges from planning to customised design to original styling concepts for an array of events like parties, weddings, and corporate functions. We also make custom floral arrangements, such as small décor pieces that can be used at home, in the workplace, or given as a gift. We strive to imbue a sense of naturalness to everything we do, drawing attention to the organic structure of the flower, leaving a memorable impression.


Veronica Ike is the head stylist and organiser of Art de Fleur. After completing studies in Business Administration at Santa Monica College, USA, Veronica was drawn to floristry, starting a small business in 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has since become a certified floral designer and is now stationed in Perth, Australia. Veronica has flourished to become a destination wedding planner, stylist, and florist in Jakarta and Bali with a diverse range of clientele.

Veronica not only believes in working collaboratively but also prides herself in creating long-term relationships with her clients to ensure a comfortable and trusting environment. Passionate about her work, Veronica hand sketches her arrangements and brings them to life – she believes that all artistic visions are possible to create. Veronica is revered for her professionalism and her ability to exceed expectations

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